Where To Buy Stamps In Australia | Buy Stamps Near Me

Where To Buy Stamps In Australia | Buy Stamps Near Me

Where To Buy Stamps In Australia: In Australia, stamps and postal services are taken very seriously. Citizens are all encouraged to use postal services available to them and there are also several programs that help encourage letter-writing habits in kids.

The Australian Postage services are called Australia Post. Australia Post is a government funded company that handles everything related to sending in Australia. All stamps that are issued in Australia are created by Australia post.

The specialty of stamps in Australia is that there are several kinds of them starting from standard stamps to personalized ones where you can add your very own photo.

Where To Buy Stamps In Australia | Buy Stamps Near Me

How much do Stamps cost in Australia?

There are several kinds of stamps in Australia so obviously, there are several kinds of prices as well.

The standard prices of stamps are as follows-

Domestic Stamps:-

  • Single stamp- $1
  • Christmas Stamp- $0.65c
  • Booklet of 10 stamps- $10
  • Booklet of 20 stamps- $20
  • Box of 100 stamps – $100

International Stamps:-

  • Seasonal greeting card(only Nov-Dec) – New Zealand- $1.70
  • Asia/Pacific- $1.80
  • Rest of the World- $2.55
  • Aerogramme- New Zealand- $2.40
  • Asia/ Pacific- $2.40
  • Rest of the World- $2.40
  • Letter up to 50g– New Zealand- $1.95
  • Asia/ Pacific- $2.10
  • Rest of the World- $2.95
  • Letter from 50- 250g– New Zealand- $5.35
  • Asia/ Pacific- $5.75
  • Rest of the World- $8
  • Letter from 250-500g– New Zealand- $10.75
  • Asia/ Pacific- $13
  • Rest of the World- $18

In Australia, you may also buy stamps at a cheaper rate if you have a Concession card. You will be able to receive concession stamps at a rate of $0.60c instead of $1. At this rate, you can buy 50 stamps every year. You can also buy booklets of 5 for $3. You must require a MyPost Concession card which you can get by registering with Australia Post. To be eligible for the MyPost Concession card you must have any of the following cards- Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care Card, Common Wealth Senior Health Card and so on.

Australia Post also sells a certain collection of stamps and important stamp issues. You can buy these on their online store.

Another special service offered by Australia post is the Personalised Stamp. Using this service you can now create stamps for inviting people to an event or sending out greeting or posting cards. All you have to do to create a Personalised Stamp on the Australia Post website are the following three steps-

  1. Upload the photos that you wish to see on your stamp.
  2. Select the number of stamps that you want.
  3. Wait for your stamps to arrive. The usual time taken for Personalized Stamps to reach you is 10 business days.

The pricing of Personalised Stamps is –

  • Domestic standard letter up to 250g- $1
  • Domestic Large Letter up to 500g- $2
  • International Letter- New Zealand- $1.85
  • International Letter- Asia/ Pacific- $1.95
  • International Letter- Rest of the World- $2.75

When buying personalized stamps you may buy them in sheets of 20 and the number of sheets can be chosen by you.

Australia probably has the most fun postage system! It makes sure to keep its youngsters aware of the various postage services present in their country by several study materials on stamps.

You can receive any information related to Stamps in Australia from the Australia Post official website. There is a lot to explore when it comes to stamps in Australia and they have several kinds of stamp collection and relatable collectibles that are sure to interest everyone!

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