What Is Media Mail | Media Mail Rates

What Is Media Mail | Media Mail Rates

What Is Media Mail | Media Mail Rates | How To Send USPS Media Mail: Media mail is a special service that is offered by USPS and it has been found to be very useful in the recent times. Media Mail is a cost-effective method for sending various media articles across a city, state or the country.

Media mail is used to send all kind of printed, recorded and visual media. However, there are certain specifications when it comes to media mail. Do you know Where to Buy Stamps?

What Is Media Mail | Media Mail Rates

What can you send via Media Mail?

The following is a list of items that you can send via media mail-

  1. Books- it can be study material or leisure reading books. They must contain more than 8 pages.
  2. Audio or Video recordings in the form of CDs and recordings.
  3. You can also send manuscripts, notes, etc.
  4. You may send printed educational material, printed music and so on.

What you cannot send by media mail are advertisements and promotional material. Media mail does not allow you to send brochures, catalogs, leaflets or any other material related to your business.

For sending an item via Media Mail, you must ensure that it ways 70lbs or lesser. Media mail does not send items that weigh more than 70lbs.

How to send Media Mail?

You may package the articles that you are to send in an envelope or a box. On the box or envelope, you are to mark the recipient’s address just as you would do in a normal case. When you hand over your mail to the post office you have to specify that it is to be sent via media mail. You may also add extra services such as certification, tracking, and insurance.

The postage rate for media mail is $2.63/1lb.

Now that you know what media mail is, instead of sending your media via first class you can now send it via Media Mail!

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