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Where To Buy Stamps Near Me : In today’s era of digitalization we hardly ever send letters, postcards or anything of that sort. Due to this, our generation is clueless when it comes to postage and anything around that matter. Ask any millennial to send something via post and you are sure to be faced with the questions “How do I send something?” or “Where can I buy stamps from?” Of course, stamps are a necessary attribute of sending anything via post. If you are in the USA you don’t need to worry about finding postage stamps near you. Stamps have been an important aspect of the American Postage services for a really long time and thus finding them in no big task.

Where Can i Buy Stamps

Why are stamps so important?

Stamps are a necessary part of US Postal Services as they denote the payment that is made before sending something via post. In fact, it is illegal to send letters or postcards without postage stamps. The number of stamps that you are to paste onto your envelope depends on the weight of the package that you are sending.

What happens if I do not stick a stamp on the envelope that I’m sending?

Well, you will not be able to send anything without sticking a postage stamp on to the envelope and chances are that the item will be returned to you.

However, if you do stick a stamp and it doesn’t correspond to the weight the mail that you are sending, if the clerk doesn’t notice, the mail will be delivered. And if the clerk notices, the letter may be delivered and the recipient will be charged or the mail may be returned to you. The final decision depends on the clerk and he is the one who decides what is to be done.

If you feel fancy and decide to send your friend a greeting card or a personalized letter, you definitely need a stamp. So, before you go ahead and ask “Where do I find postage stamps near me?” here’s our ultimate guide for you! Finding postage stamps near you is not very hard and here are some great locations that you can buy yourself some from. Also, Read How To address A letter?

1) Any Pharmacy such as CVS


Where to Buy Stamps Does CVS sell stamps? CVS is a very good option when it comes to buying stamps. Postage stamps are available at almost every CVS that you visit and finding a CVS near you is not very difficult.

Where’s the CVS near me?

To find a CVS near you, you may always use a CVS locator online. This will give you the right location and save you a lot of trouble. With around 9600 CVS stores in the US, it is not very troublesome to find one! Now, you can own postage stamps in just a matter of a few minutes.


Can I buy stamps at Walgreens?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can find postage stamps in almost every pharmacy that you go to. Walgreens is also a great location when it comes to finding postage stamps.

Other than locating a CVS near you, here are a few more options that’ll help you find postage stamps fast.

2) At The Post Office


Where Can i Buy StampsThis, of course, is an obvious option. The Post Office is a guaranteed location from where you are sure to find stamps. The United States Postage Service (USPS) has been selling stamps ever since the origin of postal services in the USA and so it’s the easiest way for you to buy a stamp that you need.

If you are of the present generation than a very obvious question is sure to arise- “Where can I find a post office near me?”

Well, here’s your answer. Post offices can be found in almost every locality and you can use the post office locator online to find the post office near you.

USPS also offers online services to simplify the entire process and now, you can buy all the stamps that you need from the web! You can choose the kind of stamps you need, the quantity, the theme, basically anything! You can also decide how you want the stamps, i.e. the format. You can now buy as many stamps as you want in books, rolls and what not. USPS can even provide you with a year-round supply of stamps!

3) USPS Self-Service Counters

Other than buying stamps online or going to the post office to buy stamps, you may visit a USPS self-service counter to buy the stamps that you need. USPS self-service counters are kiosks set up by USPS where you can buy stamps from. There are about 2495 of such kiosks and thus, it won’t be too hard to find one near you. USPS self- service counters are open 24/7 and apart from buying stamps, you may also send your mail from here in Express, Priority, First-Class or International Mail.

4) Walmart


Where Can i Buy StampsNow, who in America doesn’t know Walmart? Walmart is one of the cheapest shopping destinations and can be found in every nook and corner of the US. But does Walmart sell stamps? If you are still thinking where to buy stamps from, head to the Walmart closest to you and grab some stamps from the departmental section, of course, Walmart sells stamps. If you do not find stamps in the departmental section, you can ask the cashier for them or even go to the customer service section to get yourself those stamps.

In fact, after USPS and CVS, Walmart is the easiest location to find a stamp from. Chances are that you already know where the Walmart nearest to it and that makes the entire process all the more easily.

Walmart is known for its regular sales offer, of course, you won’t find such a sale when it comes to stamps. But stamps are cheap anyways! So if Walmart seems like the easiest option to you, go there right now and get all the postage stamps that you need.

Walmart also has an option for you to buy postage stamps online from their website/ online store. If you have a customer account on the Walmart online store, buying stamps will take you less than a minute and you’ll be able to acquire the stamp that you want without stepping out of your house!

5) Grocery Stores


Where to Buy StampsChances are that you have never seen stamps at grocery stores, but that is most probably because you didn’t pay enough attention. Remember the cute little stationery section with stationary for kids and office supplies in grocery stores? That is exactly where you’ll find the stamps that you need.

Most large grocery stores have stamps and in small ones, you’re most likely to find stamps if you ask your cashier for them. Groceries stores such as Kroger and Shop & Shop are some of the largest grocery store chains in the USA and you are sure to be able to buy postage stamps from here. You may also find stamps from grocery stores like Albertsons, Copps, Farm Fresh, etc.

However, there are several grocery stores that do not sell stamps. So, if you plan on visiting a smaller grocery store, it is always a good idea to call them in advance and check if they sell the stamps that you need. This will help you save your time and the expenses traveling to the grocery store.

6) Office Supplies Stores


Where to Buy StampsOffice Supplies Stores such Office Depot, Stamps, Office Max are great places to find the postage stamps that you need. Walking into an office supply store and looking at all the neatly arranged supplies is oddly satisfying and while getting all the other supplies that you need; You can also grab those postage stamps. You can buy stamps in bulk from office supply stores And also can buy stamps in sets of 20-30 in a booklet.

If you choose to go to an Office Supply Store, there’s also an added bonus other than just buying stamps. You can also buy the envelopes and maybe postcards that you need. You will be able to acquire all the supplies that you need to send the best letters ever.

All you need to do now is to write your letter, stick the stamp and post it right away!

7) Amazon

Buy Stamps Near Me

Another easy way to buy stamps sitting at home is to order them from Amazon. Yes, you heard that right, Amazon. Chances are that Amazon is the last place that you’d look for stamps on, but they actually do sell stamps.

In fact, on Amazon, you can buy stamps based on the theme that you are looking for and select the number of stamps that you need too. On Amazon, you can find any stamp that you might need such as the Forever US stamp, the Love Skywriting stamp, Summer Harvest Stamps, Coastal Birds Stamps, Pet Stamps and so much more.

All you have to do is log in to your Amazon account, select the stamps that you need and buy them. Your stamps will be delivered to your doorstep and the process is quite simple too.

Most online shops sell stamps, so other than Amazon you may buy postage stamps from eBay, stamps.com, onlinestamp.net and so much more.

8) Banks

Does Banks Sell Stamps

Banks are a sure place that you can find the stamps that you need from. While some banks do not sell stamps, most of them do.  Banks such as Wells Fargo, Key Bank, US Bank, Fifth Third Bank and Associated banks sells stamps while banks such as Bank of America, Citibank, and HSBC do not.

It is always a good idea to call a bank and confirm if they have stamps before going there and wasting your time. Instead of banks, you may also approach credit unions as a majority of them do sell stamps.

9) Gas Stations

Where Can i Buy Stamps


Gas Stations are a good place to grab some stamps from on the go. At a gas station, you may ask the cashier for stamps or you may look for them in the convenience stores that are attached to the gas stations. Stores in gas stations such as 7-eleven, Circle K etc. are places from where you may find the stamps that you need.

10) ATM Machines

Where To Buy Stamps

ATM Machines do sell stamps and it is a comparatively new addition. Not all ATM machines sell stamps and the stamp vending system is found only the machines having newer technologies. If you are able to locate an ATM machine closest to you, it is the easiest way for you to access the stamps that you need 24/7.

ATM machines sell stamps usually in sets of 20 each. Banks that have installed stamp vending ATM machines are Wells Fargo, US Bank, etc. However, it is always a good idea to call the bank and ask if the ATM machine closest to you sells stamps. This has to be done as only some select ATM machines sell stamps.

Now that you have figured out the locations to buy stamps from, here are the three types of stamps that you can buy

  • Single stamps (0.49$)
  • Booklet of 20 stamps (9.80$)
  • Roll of 100 stamps (49.00$)

Buy Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are worth how much they cost and they are probably the most practical ones to have. This is because Forever Stamps will always cost as much as the First-class stamps. The benefit of buying forever stamps is that if you are unable to use up all the stamps that you own and the price of first-class stamps increases, your forever stamps will still have the same value as that of the first-class stamps. Read more About Forever Stamps.

Now, that we have discovered all the locations that you can buy stamps from and the prices and types of stamps there are, all you need to do is write your letter, stick a stamp and post it!

Happy Mailing!

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Rite-Aid Pharmacy 8am – 7pm
Walgreen’s Pharmacy 8am – 8pm
Kroger Grocery Store 7am – 9pm(varies)
Amazon Online Store 24 Hours
Staples Copy Center 8am – 9pm
Fed Ex Copy Copy Center 8am – 10pm
ATM’s ATM 24 Hours
Check Cashing Bank Varies by location
Wells Fargo Bank 8am – 6pm
Key Bank Bank 8am – 7pm