What Is Certified Mail & How to Send Certified Mail

What Is Certified Mail & How to Send Certified Mail

How to Send Certified Mail: Ever thought of how to send your documents or confidential information safely and make sure that it reaches exactly where it has to? If yes, then the certified mail is exactly what you need. You can send priority and first class mail in certified mail and make sure that reaches the right destination safely. Also, Read Where To Buy Stamps.

How to Send Certified Mail


What is Certified Mail?

Certified Mail is a special service that is offered by USPS for all those who need to send important documents across the country or town. The specialty of this service is that you are provided with a barcoded receipt of mailing, tracking details as well as confirmation of delivery or attempt to deliver. This service offers you the option to be notified when the mail has been delivered and gives you the proof of mailing.

How to Send Certified Mail?

Certified mails aren’t as hard as you think to send. In fact, you can send any material across the town or country by following these steps.

From The Post Office

  1. From the post office get the Certified Mail Form 3800

Fill this form with all necessary details such as the recipient’s name and address. You will see a sticker and a receipt along with this form. Peel the backing from the sticker and stick it onto your envelope leaving space for the postage stamps and address. The sticker has a barcode and will help in tracking while the receipt portion of this for is for your use as proof of mailing.

  1. Pay for the postage services

You can pay for the postage services for sending your certified mail. The postage rate is $3.35 for packages up to 13oz.

  1. Decide what extra services you need
  • Restricted Delivery-Using this service you can make sure that your package is delivered to only one particular person. This will cost you an additional of $4.95.
  • Return Receipt for Merchandise- If you require the receipt that has been signed by the recipient of your mail after it has been delivered you may select this option. You can receive the physical receipt by making a payment of $2.75 and you may receive the PDF version for $1.45.
  1. Once you have sent the mail, keep all the receipts and track your mail online.

Sending Certified Mail Online

You may send certified mails using several online businesses. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  1. Create an account

There are several websites that support sending USPS online certified mailing. Creating an account on any one of them is usually free. The rates vary from business to business, so you may check on various websites before signing up for one.

  1. Prepare the documents to be sent and scan them

You can now prepare the material that needs to be sent across. Once that is done, scan the documents. Make sure that the scan is clear and legible.

  1. Upload the scans

Upload the scanned copies on to the website whose services that you are using.

  1. Make the Payment

Now, you can make the payment and direct the website to send your mail. Make sure that there is tracking information available.

  1. Track Your Mail

Track your mail throughout its delivery path and get notified when it is delivered.

Follow these steps and now you can send certified mails quickly!

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