How To Address A Letter | How To Address An Envelope

How To Address A Letter | How To Address An Envelope

How To Address A Letter: Sending letters is usually not a very difficult task. However, the process may be confusing when writing the addresses on the envelope. Before going to read how to Write address on an envelope find Where to Buy stamps.

It is important to get the address on the envelope right so as to make sure that it reaches the exact destination. Getting the data of the address in the right order is necessary to make it a valid address.

The three important parts of filling out the envelope are- The sender’s address, the recipient’s address, and the stamps. Once you have all these three elements placed correctly on your envelope, you mail is ready to be sent!

How To Address A Letter- Writing the Address

The sender’s and recipient’s addresses are written in the same format on the envelope. However, the formats vary for formal and informal letters.

Here’s the simplest format for writing an address that is followed throughout the USA.

  1. When sending a letter, in the address, the first line must have the Name of the person along with appropriate salutations used.
  2. If the person, lives at the given address temporarily you must specify the care of person’s name on the second line.
  3. The third line must contain the street address or the post office box number; this is to specify the exact location of the person.
  4. The 4th line is to specify the city, state and the zip code. The zip code that you use may be a 9 digit zip code or a 5 digit zip code.
How To Address A Letter | How To Address An Envelope
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So the format is as follows

Name of the person

C/o person’s name

Street address or post office box number

City, State, Zip Code

  1. If you are sending the letter from another country to the USA, the final line in the recipient’s address should have United States of America written on the last line.

If you are sending a formal letter, the name should be followed by the person’s designation and then the name of the firm. This is the format used when sending a letter to a person who holds an office at any company.

The format in this case is

Name of the Person


Company’s Name

Street Address or Post Office Number

City, State and Zip code

Now that you know, how exactly to write the addresses on your envelope it is necessary to understand where exactly these addresses must be placed.

Placing Addresses on the Envelope

Each element has a specific position on the envelope. The addresses are usually written on the back side of the envelope, i.e. the side has no opening and closing flap.

The Sender’s address is usually placed on the top left corner of the envelope’s back side. It is written in the same format that is given above.

The recipient’s address is written on the bottom right of the envelope.The stamps are placed on the top right corner of the envelope’s back side.

Once each of these elements is placed correctly in their designated spaces on the envelope, you are ready to send your mail!

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